Evening Ideas

Delicious ideas for the evening

You can have most of these handed round on boards, rather like a large canape. Some work better served in small bowls with pastry forks for people to take one and eat.

Another alternative is to have a cheese table, or just general grazing tableā€¦ so many options and with a fabulous visual impact.

  • Fish and chip cones/small bags
  • Loaded cheeseburgers in brioche buns
  • Falafel burgers with hummus and salad
  • Fried halloumi with tomato relish in brioche buns
  • Macaroni cheese ramekins (you can pimp them up with bacon, mushroom, truffle!!)
  • Slow roast pork burgers/tacos with sweet chilli sauce and chipotle mayo
  • Slow roast coca cola lamb with tsatsiki in brioche buns/taco shells
  • Loaded tacos with chilli, guacamole, sour cream and cheese
  • Traditional paella